12 December 2012


I'm walking the length of the South Island of New Zealand from mid-December 2010 through mid-April 2011.

Once it's all underway, journal updates should appear below roughly every fortnight.

For details on my route, gear and some links, check out the links to the right.


  1. Am loving the descriptions of your journey Clint keep them coming. Makes me wish I was a few years younger and out their walking!! paddling etc.
    Great work makes the Camino de Santiago look like and afternoon stroll in the park.

  2. Sounds frigging fantastic, which i was there :)

  3. Hi Clint. Well done on completing your traverse. I look forward to reading about the bits you have not yet updated. I hope to do the Frew Saddle circuit in the near future, as I bypassed this bit on my traverse. If you are in the Nelson area, there is usually a bed available. Cheers Andrew Barker

  4. hey andrew, really great to hear from you. your blog was a huge help in planning and your name a familiar sight in the huts.

    i always meant to do some more of a writeup but the price of taking large chunks of time off to do this stuff has been awful, grinding, work... which is changing thankfully. immediate plans are for the pacific crest over in the states in april, depending on everything it's my intention to get over to NZ for the summer season to touch up a few places in westland and a proper line through fiordland.

    would love to catch up should i get over there, or if you're over in brisbane